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New color theme is in the works. Soon you will be able to choose between dark and light.
Hi! The new DARK viewing mode is perfect! Thank you, Jorge. Best regards from Norway, Walter
Things are coming along. I have posted a status thread here https://www.50mil.com/topic/9 so you can see where we are as far as development goes. We will be ready soon to go public on the other sites.
Did you know that if your uploaded images are less than or equal to 3850 pixels wide they will not get resized? Only the preview and thumbnail would get resized.

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Photo - 50479 | LENS MODEL NOT SET

Photo - 50479


Photo - 50478 | 0.0 MM F/0.0

Photo - 50478


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🕐 05-17-19 9:31 AMtorralba posted Click to view details
Photo by: cjtorral
this is a test comment
🕐 05-9-18 7:59 AMtorralba posted Click to view details
Minolta MD Rokkor 50 mm f/1.7
Photo by: geir
Love close ups of guitars :) Have a look at this one ... https://www.50mil.com/photo/50226
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🕐 05-9-18 7:56 AMtorralba posted Click to view details
Photo 50390
Photo by: torralba
In so many ways :)